f you want to spice up your keyboard setup at a reasonable price, aviator cables are the way to go. They are popular for their visual appeal, and cable durability and assist in the easy removal of your keyboard connection

In this article, we will look at the various features of aviator cables and why you should invest in one.

Aviator cables were originally used in the navigation and aviation industries but have swiftly garnered popularity as the connector of choice for custom cables in the mechanical keyboard market. Composed of a copper core and an exterior made of paracord and woven plastic, such cables typically offer a USB Type-C connector and a removable aviator plug to accommodate a variety of connections.

Apart from providing an aesthetic look to your keyboard set-up, they also add weight to your cable, making it harder to slip over the back of your desk. Another feature of aviator cables is that they provide some wiggle room in the length of the cable while still appearing tidy. When the cable is extended, it springs back to a compact coil, maintaining its regular form. They usually have customisable coils and come in a range of colours. 

Such connections are popular among keyboard enthusiasts who frequently switch between two or more keyboards and wish to protect the USB ports of the keyboard, which are prone to wear and tear due to frequent swapping.


Aviator connectors are typically round in shape, with the two pieces firmly attached in place by a threaded metal locking ring. They are available in either a 4-pin or 5-pin configuration (according to the number of internal USB wires), which allows you to swiftly disconnect the cord. Aviator modifications include coil length, cable length, coating, connecting method, and colour. 


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